When to Apply

Once accepted you have the option to join any cohort beginning within six months of your acceptance date. Essentially, you have the freedom to apply whenever you feel comfortable. However, regarding deadlines, we recommend applying at least seven to nine weeks before the on-campus start date of your desired cohort. This allows us two to three weeks to conduct the application process and accounts for the four-week Foundations pre-work.

However, most cohorts begin filling up about one month before the Foundations pre-work begins. With this in mind, the best time to apply is two (or ideally three) months before your desired cohort's on-campus (or remote) start date.

Something to also consider is that it usually takes students three to five months to prepare if they're starting from a pure beginner level. Plus, if you're not accepted on your first application attempt, we recommend candidates study for an additional two months before reapplying.