Career Assistance

The first way we help students get jobs is by teaching an advanced, relevant curriculum that is constantly updated based on current tech trends. You finish Fullstack with a portfolio of projects and open-source code that demonstrates your knowledge of these technologies. You'll also be well practiced in the style of technical questions given in engineering interviews.

 Beyond that, we have several methods to make sure you get a great job after our program. We host Launch Day, an event where employers come and see the projects you've been working on, and you can connect one-on-one with target companies you're interested in. Additionally, we provide help through our own private network of startups and companies looking to hire developers. We also have a dedicated Career Success team that will help connect you with the right person inside any company you're interested in applying to.

 We will work with you long after graduation to make sure you stay sharp and prepared to land the career of your dreams. This includes mock interview practice, additional projects, and open lines of communication with us about your job search and career.