Housing Options – New York Campus

What options do you have for someone looking to move to NYC and find housing?

While we don't provide student housing, there are several options for you to consider in NYC:

  1. Common - Common offers flexible, community-driven housing by providing fully furnished, month-to-month memberships. They are also offering $200 off first month of membership to our students.
  2. Short-Term Apartment Sublet - This option involves finding a ~3 month sublet of an apartment in NYC. It usually requires more work than Founder House because you have to search for a place, ideally see the apt, etc. But on the plus side, it's possible to find hidden gems that are less expensive than other options. A good place to start a search in this area is Craigslist, though the Gypsy-Housing group on Facebook and Airbnb are also frequently used options.
  3. Tribe - Tribe is a startup offering short-term, shared housing to those in the startup and tech scenes. It's only based in NYC and is less expensive than some other options.

If any of these look like good options, let us know during the application process. Since we work with Tribe and Common, we can help accepted students with the application process for these housing communities.