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Bootcamp Prep Refund Policy

Q: What are the requirements to receive a full refund?

A: The only requirement is to complete at least 90% of your live Bootcamp Prep program.

Q: How many classes do I have to attend to get a refund?

A: 90% course completion translates to the following attendance policies:

  • Bootcamp Prep in a Month: Must be present for 12 of 14 class meetings in order to receive a refund
  • Bootcamp Prep in a Week: Must be present for 7 of 8 class meetings in order to receive a refund

Q: How is attendance recorded?

A: Our learning management system will automatically record attendance based on your activity during class. You will receive an email notification if the system finds you inactive during the class meeting. In the unlikely event that you receive this notification by mistake, you can reach out to your instructor and have them record your attendance once class has adjourned. In addition to this, instructors will cross-check the attendance lists at the end of each session. Please note that no partial absences will be accounted for. You will either be marked present, or you will be marked absent.

NOTE: You have to be online during workshops to be marked present. If you leave after the lecture portion of the class (without logging in for the workshops) the system will mark you as absent.

Q: If I get ill during the course and have to miss classes, will I still get a refund?

A: This attendance policy applies to all absences, even medical or family emergencies. If, after the class has started, you become aware that you will need--due to illness or other extenuating circumstances--to miss more than the allotted class meetings, you will be granted a refund. However, please bear in mind that we will only refund you once. You won't be eligible for a second refund should you complete at least 90% of a future class.

Q: When will I receive the refund?

A: You’ll receive your refund, including any processing fees, within 30 days of the course’s end.

Q: Does this refund apply to Bootcamp Prep Online?

A: No, this refund does not apply to Bootcamp Prep Online and is only applicable to our Bootcamp Prep Live classes (in a Month and in a Week).

Q: Can I be refunded for more than one prep course?

A: You will not be refunded for more than one course. We will refund only the first Bootcamp Prep Live course (on-campus or remote, month-long or week-long) of which you complete 90%. We will also refund you should you need to withdraw mid-class due to extenuating circumstances*. Please note that this will count as your one and only refund, so you won't be eligible for a second refund in the future, regardless of course completion.

*E.g. severe illness, death of a family member, etc. Extreme circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

A: As stated above, only students who complete at least 90% of the course will qualify for a refund. If a student decides to stop attending classes after the course has started, he or she will not be eligible for a refund.

Q: What if I find the course too difficult for me, can I get a refund then?

A: Bootcamp Prep is designed to prepare students for admission into the top coding schools and as such, is not meant for pure beginners. We strongly encourage students to complete a pre-work module before starting class, which should help them gauge their readiness for the course. If a student struggles with the pre-work, he or she can request a refund up to one day before the course starts. After the course has started, only students who complete at least 90% of the course will qualify for a refund.

Q: How can I ask more questions:

A: Please direct any remaining questions to events@fullstackacademy.com.