How much does the Grace Hopper program cost?

The Grace Hopper Program is risk-free from a tuition and outcome perspective. Unlike traditional coding schools, there is no upfront tuition owed. Instead, you only pay tuition once you secure a job as a developer after graduating. Our reasons for following this structure are:

1) Inclusivity and diversity matter. We want this experience to be open to women of all economic backgrounds. High upfront costs can prevent talented students from attending -- it’s our hope that this payment model eliminates those financial barriers and makes this opportunity available regardless of your financial situation.

2) We want our success directly correlated to the success of our students -- we think it makes sense that we only succeed when you do.

Tuition is $19,910, paid in nine monthly installments after you begin work as a developer. There is a $3,000 deposit required upon enrollment in order to secure your seat in an upcoming cohort. This amount will be applied toward the total tuition once hired. Should graduates not find work within one year of their graduation date, this deposit will be refunded. Partial or full refunds of the deposit amount will be given to those who must leave the program early. By aligning your success with ours, we share the risk and reward of your career outcome.

Please note that it is also possible to pay full tuition upfront for The Grace Hopper Program. If you do not plan to work as a developer after graduating (e.g. college students, entrepreneurs), upfront payment is required to attend The Grace Hopper Program.